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Candidates in November 5 General Election in Hamilton County

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Provided by the Hamilton County Board of Elections 


Judges of Hamilton County Municipal Court: 

District 1 – Dwane Mallory 

District 2 – John K. Coleman, Tyrone K. Yates District 3 – Ted Berry 

District 4 – Josh Berkowitz, John Kennedy 

District 5 – Kari L. Bloom, Heather S. Russell District 6 – Mike Peck, Arica Underwood  

District 7 – Gwen Bender  

Judge of Hamilton County Municipal CourtUnexpired term ending 1/2/2024: 

District 1 – Janaya Trotter Bratton, Elisa Murphy City  


Cincinnati City School District Member of Board of Education – 3 to be elected – 4-year term: 

Eve Bolton 1325 Aster Pl. 45224 

Marlena Brookfield 3134 Mary Jane Dr. 45211 Heather M. Couch 1153 Olivia Lane. 4523 

Ozie Davis III (write-in) 3550 Eden Ave. 45229 Carolyn Jones 1993 Jesse Lane. 45224  

Ben Lindy 3517 Burch Ave. 45208 

Member of Board of Education – 1 to be elected – Unexpired term ending 12-31-2021: 

Pamela Bowers 3747 Boudinot Ave. 45211  

Gary Favors 3615 Harvey Ave. 45229  

Steve Megerle 3987 Rose Hill Ave. 45229 


City of Forest Park Member of Council at Large – 3 to be elected – 4-year term: 

Aharon Brown 11408 Kenn Road 

Regina A. Collins (Write-in) 998 Holderness Lane  Denise Holt 11937 Winston Circle 

Christina Alycia Ingle 1083 Indra Court 

Matthew J. Robinson 11523 Imhoff Court 

Reggie Sylvester 11866 Hamlet Road 


City of Mt. Healthy Mayor, 4-year term: 

James C. Wolf 7912 Elizabeth St. Dem Member of Council at Large – 3 to be elected – 4-year term Kaycie R. Coy (withdrew candidacy) 

Cordel George Jr. 7708 Werner Ave. Dem 

Judy Petersen 7804 Seward Ave. Rep  

Joe T. Roetting 1470 Saint Clair Ave. 

City of North College Hill Mayor – 4-year term: Tracie Nichols 1481 Foxwood Dr.  

Mary Jo Anna Zorb 1625 Sundale Ave.  

Member of Council at Large – 3 to be elected – 4-year term: 

Elizabeth Joy Hartman 1841 Bising Ave. 

Christian Thaddaeus Hedger 1496 W. Galbraith Road 

Matt Miller-Novak 1806 Sundale Ave. 


Village of Addyston Mayor – 1 to be elected – 4-year term: 

Lisa Mear 295 Main St. Addyston 

Clerk – Margaret A. Dozier 248 Main St. Addyston 45001 Treasurer – No candidate filings)  

Member of Council – 2 to be elected – 4-year term: 

James Jason Fry 295 Sekitan St.  

Pamela S. Jackson 89 Main St. 

Daniel L. Pillow 299 Main St. 

Lisa R. Stafford 111 1st St.  

Member of Board of Trustees of Public Affairs – 2 to be elected – 4-year term 

Karen Jackson 312 Main St. 

Village of Arlington Heights Mayor: 

Steven Crase 524 Maple Ave. 

Member of Council – 2 to be elected – 4-year term, LeTecia J. Cunningham 517 Glenrose Ave.  

Ana M. Gil 728 Elliott Ave.  

Meroline McLemore 543 Glenrose Ave. 


Village of Elmwood Place Mayor: 

Paul Edward Furnish 6414 Elmwood Av 

William Wilson 527 Maple St.  


Nancy S. Riley 311 Walnut St. 

Member of Council – 2 to be elected –  

Thelma Swanson (write-in) 421 Township Ave.  

  1. Otto Weaver (write-in) 5823 Vine St., #1 


Village of Golf Manor Mayor: 

Stefan C. Densmore 2606 Canterbury Ave.  

Member of Council – 2 to be elected 

Danny Kneipp 6335 Graceland Ave. 

Roger D. Van Harn 2521 Bremont Ave. 

Member of Council – 1 to be elected – Unexpired term ending 12-12-2021  

Eric M. Pridonoff 2375 Vera Ave. 


Village of Lincoln Heights Member of Council – 3 to be elected: 

Phyllis Jean Baber 867 Adams St.  

Kathy Goodwin-Williams 1256 Shepherd Ln. 

Ruby Kinsey-Mumphrey 1209 Dixie Ct.  

Village of Lockland Member of Council – 2 to be elected: 

Shawn Brock 445 W. Wyoming Av 

Brian Pittman (Write-in) 318 Home Ave.  


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