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And still…Cincinnati’s best boxer


By Ozie Davis III MS, JD; Sports Editor | 12/19/2013, 12:23 p.m.
If you looking for a hate piece on former Welterweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner, I can tell you right ...
Floyd Mayweather encourages Adrien Broner after first career loss (Photo: Floyd Mayweather/Twitter)

Argentina’s Marcos Maidana overpowered Cincinnati’s Adrien Broner, now 27-1, 22 KOs, to take the WBA welterweight championship, knocking him down twice in a unanimous decision Saturday night at San Antonio’s Alamodome.

If you looking for a hate piece on former Welterweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner, I can tell you right now, it’s not here.

Adrien Broner. Photo by NJ MMA News.

Adrien Broner. Photo by NJ MMA News.

As a matter of fact, I hope Andrew Williams and the management at R&R promotions get this piece into the hands of the young man from Cincinnati’s tough west side. He needs to know that there are many of us that remain in his corner. And still… Cincinnati’s best… Adrien “The Problem” Broner, a homeboy!

I had no clue so many folk hated Adrien’s success, but it is not surprising. It is the Cincinnati ‘crabs-in-the-barrel syndrome’ in Technicolor. Never more evident are the problems of Black Cincinnati, than demonstrated in the aftermath of Broner’s first loss. No, I’m not suggesting that everyone has to be in love with Adrien Broner, but the hate, it’s embarrassing! Some have said that Broner had not been tested, and that as a boxer he had more flash than he had actually proven. I’m not calling that hate. That’s an assessment of his professional career and maybe after the loss to Marcos Maidana last Saturday night, correct.

But it’s all the post-fight talk about “Adrien needs to be more humble;” Adrien’s ego got him whupped;” and sentiments of this type. Humility and ego didn’t get Adrien Broner beat. Boxing did.

I’m confident Mike Stafford and the team at Band Camp can fix the boxing problems that caused Broner to be far too defensive in times where he needed to be offensive and to be unable to exploit Maidana’s awkward angles. Maidana said himself that Broner “hurt” him and was a “very effective” boxer.

In my opinion, Adrien never recovered from the confidence Maidana gained from the second round freak left hook, and once confidence and momentum get on the side of a dangerous fighter like Maidana, it’s very difficult to come back.

But, don’t count Adrien Broner out. He is still our guy. He is still the best Cincinnati has to offer and with the dreaded history we have of boxers falling from fame, we, as a community, should be as supportive as possible.

Let’s start with the “He’s too arrogant,” contention. Are you kidding me? Adrien is a boxer. Either you believe in yourself or you get knocked out! I’m more concerned with how he bounces back. What concerns me is his legacy and now, more than ever, Adrien needs our support. Instead of demonizing him, we should lift him up in encouragement.

Some say he needs to be more humble. Do you know him? I’m not the kid’s best friend, but I’ve had the occasion to be around him a time or two and have known his mother most of my life (Rockdale Elementary). Don’t confuse the show for the real person, and please factor into a discussion of humility more than what you see on TV.