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Pastor’s anniversary recognizes his miraculous healing

Letter to Editor

11/7/2013, 12:13 p.m.

Dear Editor:

The congregation of the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church is honoring our pastor, Reverend Sherwin Q. Ealy Sr., for his sixteenth pastoral anniversary. This anniversary is special to the congregation because of the miraculous healing that has taken place with Reverend Ealy.

Specifically, on Feb. 25, 2011, Reverend Ealy was diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia that leaves people with a 40 percent chance of surviving. He had been battling this disease for several years until his doctors felt that there was nothing else that could be done. In August 2013, Reverend Ealy was placed in hospice care. After being in hospice for 10 days, with prayer and supplication from family, friends and the church congregation, he was released to return home. Day by day, Reverend Ealy has grown stronger. He is a walking testimony that prayers can be answered. News has spread across the Cincinnati area about the pastor who was on his deathbed and how God told him, “It’s not your time.”

That said, our congregation is celebrating Reverend Ealy on his sixteenth Pastoral Anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013 at11 a.m. The church is at 1525 Lincoln Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 (Walnut Hills). We have invited many out-of-town guests to be a part of this great celebration, including the Reverend James Ealy and his congregation from New Covenant Baptist Church in Charleston, West Virginia. Because of this miraculous healing, we are inviting you to share this special day with us. This would be such a surprise to Reverend Ealy and his family and the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church would be forever grateful.

  • Brenda Fallings, Pastoral Anniversary Chair
  • Jennifer Mangham, Pastoral Anniversary, Co-Chairperson