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Patrice Logan

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What are your hobbies? One of my favorite hobbies is dancing and although I’m fully aware of my limited abilities, you can catch me on the dance floor. I also enjoy trying new things, from zip lining to trying a new restaurant, I love new experiences

Favorite book, movie or author and why? Sarafina is one of my favorite movies, I love the cast, the message and the music all had a huge impact on me as a teenager and it still does today. I prefer sci-fi novels and I’m open to most other genres, outside of self-help books.

Favorite sport? Any live event versus any sport on television.

Pet peeve? Having pet peeves.

Inspirational Quote? “I thought it was me against the world, than I realized its me against me”.

My Family. Married for 9 years, mother of 1


Phone: 513.485.6985


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