Charlie Winburn. Photo provided

After Cincinnati’s Fraternal Order of Police Local 69 voted to have District 5 Police Headquarters closed down, City Councilman Charlie Winburn is again calling on the relocation of District 5 staff with a renewed urgency.

City Councilmember Charlie Winburn is asking Mayor John Cranley once again to declare Police District 5 Headquarters a state of medical emergency. Winburn called Monday on City Council to demand that the city manager close Police District 5 in 72 hours.

Winburn asked the mayor and Council provide funding for police officers and support staff to get cancer screenings

“What will it take for Mayor Cranley, the city manager, and City Council to close this potential death trap down?” Winburn said. “There have been six cancer-related deaths and thirteen people have been linked to cancer.’’ he continued.

The FOP is currently contemplating legal action to rectify this issue. If this occurs, the City of Cincinnati deserves to be sued, Winburn said. “However, the mayor, city manager and City Council could have resolved this several months ago. By not resolving this issue, it could end up being a costly mistake and waste of taxpayer dollars,’’ he added.

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