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Cincinnati Children’s carpentry training program provides career path

Todd Ciers wants to use his new carpentry skills obtained in the Children’s Hospital training program to work on the redevelopment of the Avondale Town Center.

Submitted by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital/Medical Center

A new carpentry training program in Avondale is helping provide a career path for 22 participants getting ready to complete the 12-week course.

In May 2016, Cincinnati Children’s announced an $11.5 million investment in the Avondale Community to improve child and community health by encouraging development, strengthening local nonprofits and supporting workforce development in Avondale. The grants are spread out over a five-year period.

One of the capacity building grants was awarded to the Avondale Coalition of Churches in partnership with RWB Construction to provide residents in Avondale, with carpentry skills to work on construction jobs in the Uptown area.

“This is an opportunity to learn a new skill that’s hands on,” said Larry Bryant, vice president of RWB Construction. “The training includes math and measuring, boom and scissors lift operations, using equipment such as nail guns, and interior installation.”

For the last two and a half months, the trainees have been coming to a warehouse in Avondale and training from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“I didn’t have any carpentry skills prior to this but now I feel like have a base and I can walk on to a job site and begin working,” said trainee Darrell Kindell of Bond Hill.

Joanne Richardson and Kimberly Sims are two female trainees taking part in the program.

Kimberly Sims trains to become a carpenter in Cincinnati Children’s program in Avondale. Provided

“Woman of color are doubted especially in this line of work but we are here to show we can do this,” said Sims.

This trainees are getting ready to graduate from the new program during a ceremony on Cincinnati Children’s campus on December 15.

Other partners involved in the program include The Community Builders – WEB Ventures.

According to Bryant, many of the graduates are guaranteed a job in construction that could be entry level or higher depending on their skill set.

Todd Ciers of Avondale is getting ready to complete the training program and wants to use his new skill to work on the redevelopment of the Avondale Town Center.

“I grew up in Avondale and the town center is up the street from my house and I want to say my hands helped make my community better,” said Ciers.

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