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Mrs. Patty B. Jones celebrates her 105th birthday

Members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church presented Mrs. Patty Jones a 105th birthday cake. Photo by Gina Ruffin Moore

By Gina Ruffin Moore

Herald Contributor

More than 100 friends and relatives helped Mrs. Patty B. Jones celebrate her 105th birthday on December 21 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 10180 Woodlawn Blvd. in Woodlawn.

Mrs. Jones said her advice for living a long life is to “Keep God on your side.”

When her pastor, Rev. T. Scott Swan, kicked off the birthday luncheon, she said, “All for me? Oh boy!”

Born in Winchester, Ky., she and her late husband Sonny Jones lived in Wyoming and operated the Wyoming Golf Center for several years.

She now lives on Forest Park.

Her cousin Monica Denise Hampton said, “She’s an independent woman and still has a great mind and great sense of humor. I just wish I could copy her caramel icing cake recipe.”

Monica Denise Hampton, Mrs. Jones’ cousin, was present to help her cousin celebrate for 105th birthday. Photo by Gina Ruffin Moore

Hampton said there is no secret to her cousin’s longevity. “She believes it is important to forgive, trust in God, and hold on to your faith,’’ Hampton said.

Amazingly, Mrs. Jones only stopped driving two years ago, and she still spends time at her weekly club meeting on Tuesdays playing cards with friends.

More than six members of Mt. Zion have lived past the age of 100, including Florence Able who is 102 years old.

Ms. Ella Miller, who lived to be age 117, was also a member. Ms. Miller said she opted not to strive for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, because she said a woman should not discuss her age.

Woodlawn Mayor Susan Farley, Woodlawn Police Chief Aaron L. Tillman III, and Princeton School Board member Gina Ruffin Moore were also on hand for the milestone birthday.

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