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Local authors Kristy High and Jaime Mahaffey have written a children’s book about a young boy learning about his asthma.

“The story is very fun and relatable and would be a great tool to not only promote reading in children but also helps foster learning about health and managing one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in childhood, not only in our city but in the nation,’’ said High, who is an asthma care coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The book is co-authored by her fellow asthma care coordinator Jaime Mahaffey.

The book, which is titled Peter’s Perfect Pipes, is about Peter, who has always been an active boy. One day he starts to have trouble breathing and can’t figure out why. He soon learns that he has asthma. Readers can join Peter on his magical journey as he teams up with old and new friends to discover just how easy managing his asthma can be.

Kristy High, at left, and Jaime Mahaffey. Photo provided

Jaime Mahaffey MSW, LISW, AE-C, is a certified asthma educator with several years of experience working with pediatric asthma patients. She has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Cincinnati and is a Licensed Independent Social Worker. She is passionate about connecting with families and providing quality education in a manner that is relatable and easy to understand. She is a mother to two daughters, who both live happy and active lives while managing asthma. Her daughters are her inspiration for writing Peter’s Perfect Pipes, and she envisions a world where no child is limited by a diagnosis of asthma.

Kristy High, Med, is a health and wellness educator with several experience working with the pediatric population educating on various health and wellness topics that are prominent today. She has a master’s degree in health education, with a concentration in health promotion from Virginia Tech. She was introduced to the topic of asthma and became fascinated with producing easy to understand literature for parents and children. Peter’s Perfect Pipes is the result of this, and she hopes to change the outcome one reader at a time

The website for their book is The book is available on Amazon or by calling High at 336-455-2567.

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