By Nahamani Yisrael

Herald Contributor

Many individuals start the New Year with intentions to shed unwanted pounds and improve their overall health. Getting in shape is a common goal among adults around New Year’s in the United States.

According to the recent Marist Poll conducted by the Marist College Institute of Public Opinion in New York, 12 percent of resolution makers are looking to lose weight, 9 percent want to exercise more and another 9 percent are hoping to eat a healthier diet.

Unfortunately the number of individuals who will actually keep their New Year’s Resolution is predicted to be about 44 percent, according to the same poll.

The research showing that making healthier lifestyle choices, such as increased physical activity and eating a plant-based diet is abundant, but more often than not American adults fail to adhere.

Local fitness expert, Denise Bryers, is seeking to break this trend with her citywide fitness movement, Bootcamp Cincinnati. Bryers herself was once overweight and severely depressed. She attributes her inspiration to lose weight and take control over her physical and mental health to an article she read in Oxygen magazine.

“I absorbed this information like a sponge and did a 180-degree turnaround with my nutrition,” she said. “I then set a weight-loss goal of 30 pounds and started walking outside or on a treadmill, following online high-intensity interval training programs and doing workout DVDs at home. Within four months, I was back to my normal weight and the whole family was eating healthier.”

Bryers took her passion for fitness further and began teaching fitness classes to help others meet or exceed their weight loss goals.

Currently Bootcamp Cincinnati classes are offered at their North College Hill Gym, Woodlawn Recreation Center as well as Evanston Recreation Center. Bryers also does Pop-Up workouts at various locations around the city. In addition to fitness classes, individuals can sign up for one-on-one personal training, as well as purchase one of Bryers’ meal plans to help expedite the weight loss process.

The Bootcamp Cincinnati slogan, “Real People, Real Fitness, Real Results” is exemplified by the numerous clients who have transformed their lives by following Bryers instruction. By simply following Bootcamp Cincinnati on Facebook and Instagram you will see endless photographs of real life transformations. Bryers’ client base includes individuals from all sexes, racial ethnicities and age groups.

Unlike many other fitness regimes, Bryers’ program is designed to work from the inside out. Her approach, termed “A Fit Mindset,’’ seeks to shift the trainees thought process to embrace the fitness journey.

“The biggest mistake that I see most individuals make is they try to compare themselves to others. Everyone’s process is different. I try to encourage each client to trust the process,’’ she said.

Clients who take heed to Bryers find that not only do they shed the unwanted pounds, but they also learn to fall in love with themselves and tend to take better care of themselves as a result of their training at Bootcamp Cincinnati.

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