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Fifty-four homes will be taken from the West End community if FC Cincinnati relocates Stargel Stadium to the proposed Citirama lot.

In a time when much of the news reported revolves around “the rich getting richer” and “one percenters,” these residents compare such headlines to the recent FC Cincinnati ambition to put MLS soccer stadium in the West End. Homeowners feel the money donated from FC Cincinnati owners to elected city officials is stifling the voice of the West End community residents.

FC Cincinnati has claimed it will not be taking homes from the residential community. Residents want to be clear that FC Cincinnati will be taking homes away from the community–54 homes market-rate homes designed to be built on a lot located along Ezzard Charles, John, Clark, and Cutter Streets. Homebuilders had planned to break ground this spring.

FC Cincinnati obtained the option to purchase 27 lots along Laurel Park to build what they are calling “affordable homes.” However, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority had already issued an RFQ to develop the lots along Laurel Park with a minimum of 35 new homes.

Residents want to make this clear: In total, 89 new homes were already planned to be developed in the West End. If FC Cincinnati moves forward with plans to relocate Stargel Stadium on the Citirama lot, then it is taking 54 market-rate homes from the West End.


By Randy Sroufe

West End homeowner

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  1. This opinion piece represents the viewpoints of some homeowners, not all of them, and certainly not the majority of West End residents. As a homeowner and resident, I can confirm that the opinions shared in this article are personal in nature to the person who authored it, and should he should not be assumed to be speaking on behalf of the group collectively.

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