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Area residents soon to be related to royalty

The Dabney Family. From left are Roanna LaCour, Steven Dabney, Dr. Paul Dabney, Kathleen Joiner, Gloria Dabney, Clarence Michael Dabney, Christopher Dabney and Lt. Commander Philip Dabney (USN Ret)

By Kathleen Joiner

Herald Contributor

Family members of the late Clarence W. Dabney – including daughters, Roanna LaCour and Kathleen Joiner in Cincinnati – were elated last week to learn that they are related to soon-to-be British princess Meghan Markle, who will marry Prince Harry on May 19.

Research by the Genealogical Society of Henry and Clayton Counties in Georgia found that Clarence Dabney, a native of Henry County, Georgia, and who was a longtime resident of Dayton, Ohio, would be Meghan Markle’s second cousin, 4-times removed if he were still living. His children, including Roanna and Kathleen are Markle’s third cousin, 3 times removed, the genealogical study revealed.

The Genealogical Society of Henry and Clayton Counties was originally contacted by the “London Times”  to help locate Markle’s relatives in Georgia, which later led to the society’s genealogical research. Markle’s mother, Doria L. Ragland, who is African American, has strong genealogical ties to Henry

“It is wonderful to learn that we have connections to the Royal Family,’’ said Kathleen Joiner. “However, our parents always raised us to serve nobly, achieve excellently and to represent the family well. Daddy’s legacy of community service helped the societies link the Royal Family to us.

Daddy would be so proud to know his commitment made such a generational footprint,” Roanna LaCour said.

One thought on “Area residents soon to be related to royalty”
  1. Good evening:
    Just wanted to say thank you for running the article about the historic Markle-Dabney Royal Connection. As indicated in the article this is a validation of the mantra my Mother
    would use to remind us of our heritage
    (You come from Kings and Queens). However, the Royal wedding is but one part of that binary. The African Connection is still to be found because that would complete the Family Circle.
    I have forwarded the article to the New Journal & Guide Newspaper here in Tidewater Virginia areas because they had just finished a telephone interview
    with me on the connection.
    Again, on behalf of the Dabney family,I
    appreciate you allowing your paper as a recognition platform for this historic event. All the best.
    Philip J. Dabney

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