Jayme Shaye. Photo by by Adam Delane

Jayme Shaye. Photo by by Adam Delane

By Vincent Cunningham

Herald Contributor

Bold, fearless, unapologetic, Los Angeles, California native, Jayme Shaye discovered her love for music as a child. Ever since she begun to utter words, her talent began to shine through. As she grew older, her love for singing was complemented and enriched through writing poetry and eventually transformed into songs. “Life is my motivation. I write and sing about my experiences. It’s therapy for me,” declares the songstress.

In 2012, she journeyed to Cincinnati, Ohio, and embarked on the music scene and secured her spot as being named among the elite. R&B siren Jayme Shaye has epitomized the promising traits of an authentic artist.

Shaye says, “With my music, I want to inspire. I want to show people that it’s ok to be who you are. Stop being afraid to show your true colors, worrying about what others may think. Never lose yourself.”

Currently, Shaye is immersed in her craft, and has released her critically acclaimed album titled “deToxic,’’ which is available on Tidal, Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music. This album is not just music, but a therapeutic experience. Be sure to stay up to date on Jayme Shaye and her music on social media @JAYMESHAYE and www.JaymeShaye.com.

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