• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

By Herald Staff

Veteran U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, defeated a Republican challenger Jim Renacci statewide to return to the Senate. In Hamilton County, Brown received 192,579 votes to Renacci’s 134,234.

In other election results, Republicans swept state offices, with Attorney General Mike DeWine winning against Democrat Richard Cordray to become Ohio’s next governor and replacing Governor John Kasich. While Cordray lost statewide, he carried Hamilton County. Democrat Ted Strickland in 2006 did not carry the county, but won the governor’s race.

Republican Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio’s 1st District, defeating challenger Aftab Pureval, a Cincinnati Democrat who was elected Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in the 2016 election. Pureval carried Hamilton County, but was defeated by a large vote for Chabot in Warren County, which is part of the district.

Newcomer Sedrick Denison will fill State Representative Alicia Reece’s seat to represent Ohio’s 33rd District in the Statehouse, with Reece term limited.

Issue 1, which would have reduced penalties for some drug users, failed statewide. Supporters said it would reduce prison population. Opponents said it would make Ohio less safe.

Issue 9, a proposed additional tax levy for Hamilton County Children’s Services passed.

Also, five City of Cincinnati Charter amendments passed, including one that would return city council terms to two years and stagger those terms.


Unofficial election results for key races and issues in Hamilton County follow:


For Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton, (DEM) 174,781

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted (Rep), 145,164

(DeWine and Husted won statewide.)


For Attorney General

Steve Dettelbach (DEM), 180,731

Dave Yost (REP), 145,001

Yost won statewide.


For State Auditor

Zack Space (DEM), 165,572

Keith Farber (REP), 140,705

Farber won statewide.


F0r Secretary of State

Kathleen Clyde (DEM), 176,018

Frank LaRose (REP), 141,316

LaRose won statewide


For Treasurer of State

Rob Richardson (DEM, Cincinnati), 171, 732

Robert Sprague (REP), 149, 915

Sprague won statewide.


For U.S. Senator

Sherrod Brown (DEM), 192,579

Jim Renacci (REP), 134,234

Brown won statewide.


For Representative to Congress (1st District)

Aftab Pureval (DEM), 104,o96

Steve Chabot (REP), 86,817

Chabot won district wide.


For Representative for Congress (2nd District)

Jill Schiller (DEM), 73,540

Brad Wenstrup (REP), 60,418


For State Senator (7th District)

Steve Wilson (REP), 29,269

Sara Bitter (DEM), 26,07


For State Senator (9th District

Cecil Thomas (DEM), 94,548

Tom Chandler (REP), 30,024

Thomas won district wide.


For State Representative (27th District)

Tom Brinkman (REP), 29,081

Christine Fisher (DEM), 25817


For State Representative (28th District)

Jonathan Dever (REP), 27,012

Jessica Miranda (DEM), 26,708


For State Representative (29th District)

Louis Blessing (REP), 27,846

Carrie Davis (DEM), 14,999


For State Representative (30th District)

William Seitz (REP), 33,068

Clayton Adams, (DEM), 14,356


For State Representative (31st District

Brigid Kelly (DEM) ran unopposed


For State Representative (32nd District)

Catherine Ingram (DEM), 30,311

Marilyn Turner (REP), 8,274


For State Representative (33rd District)

Sedrick Denison (DEM). 32,570

Judith Boyce (REP), 10,679


For County Commissioner

Stephanie Summerow Dumas (DEM), 166,260

Chris Monzel (REP), 157,819


For County Auditor

Dusty Rhodes (DEM), 211,118

Nancy Alchhotz (REP), 113,921


For Member State Board of Education

Pat Bruns, 140,524

Jenny Kilgore, 127,564

This is a three-county race, with Kilgore 4,000 votes ahead at this time, pending the counting of provisional ballots.


For Justice of Supreme Court

Michael Donnelly, 175,656

Craig Baldwin, 100,428

Donnelly won statewide.


For Justice of Supreme Court

Melody Stewart, 158,726

Mary DeGenaro, 117,429

Stewart won statewide.


For Judge of Court of Appeals (1st District)

Pierre Bergeron, 141,272

Charles Miller, 134,253


For Judge of Court of Appeals (1st District)

Marilyn Zayas, 168,728

Dale Staff, 112,210


For Judge of Court of Appeals (1st District

Candace Crouse, 153,119

Dennis Deters, 136,517


For Judge of Court of Appeals (1st District

Robert Winkler, 151,008

Ginger Brock, 140, 159


For Judge of Court of Common Pleas

Terry Nestor, 141,408

Steven Martin, 133,297


For Judge of Court of Common Pleas

Lisa Allen, 145,567

Leslie Ghiz, 137,731


For Judge of Court of Common Pleas

Thomas Beridon, 135,758

Curt Hartman, 135,278


Issue 1

No, 171,440

Yes, 153,611

Issue 1 failed statewide.


Proposed Tax Levy (Substitute) Winton Woods City School District

For the tax levy, 6,553

Against the tax levy, 4,528


Issue 9 Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Hamilton County Children’s Services

For the tax Levy, 191,832

Against the Levy, 130,989


Issue 10 Proposed Charter Amendment, City of Cincinnati, 2-Year Council Terms

Yes, 68,314

No, 29,410


Issue 11 Proposed Charter Amendment, City of Cincinnati, Staggered Council Terms

Yes, 68,314

No, 29,410


Issue 12 Proposed Charter Amendment, City of Cincinnati, Executive Sessions

Yes, 72,862

No, 21,572

Issue 13 Proposed Charter Amendment, City of Cincinnati, Campaign Finance

Yes, 84,520

No, 13,771


Issue 14 Proposed Charter Amendment, City of Cincinnati, Veterans Preference

Yes, 67.901

No, 26,388


Issue 14 Proposed Charter Amendment, City of Cincinnati, Public Safety Academy

Yes, 77,37o

No, 22,051