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By Nahamani Yisrael

Herald Contributor

Old School Productions hosted a red carpet premiere for its feature film, “Grandpa” at Kenwood Theatre on Dec, 12, and, despite being held in the largest theatre room at Kenwood Theatre, the premiere sold out days before the film was scheduled to air.

More than 300 people packed into the theatre. The film’s cast and crew were well represented at the event. The film’s star, Robert Jones, who played Sweet Jones in the film, greeted each attendee as they entered the red carpet event.

The crowd laughed and cheered at the well-constructed movie plot. Everyone loved the gritty cutthroat gangster movie that featured dozens of well-known and local actors.

Award-winning actor Reginald Willis shared his views on the film, saying, “I was pleasantly surprised to hear, prior to the premiere, that it was sold out. That kind of community support is just awesome and greatly appreciated. I am so looking forward to the next project with Robert Jones.”

According to moviegoers, the graveyard scene was one of the best scenes because it felt “so authentic.” In this scene, Sweet Jones gives some fatherly advice to his nephew, played by Gary Jones. “He’s my nephew in real life,” said Robert Jones, “It was easy to have a man-to-man with him since we kick it like that all the time!”

Old School Productions is currently working the film through various distribution channels. Everyone who saw the movie, as well as those who were unable to obtain tickets to the premiere, is eagerly awaiting the release of “Grandpa 2.” For updates on the film, please visit

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