By Jordan Plottner

Ohio House Democratic Caucus

Sedrick Denson. Photo provided


State Representative Sedrick Denson, (D-Bond Hill), who was arrested on a driving under the influence charge the morning of March 29 while in Columbus, Ohio, issued the following statement Tuesday:

“While working in Columbus last week, I made an error in judgment. I decided to drive at night after drinking earlier in the evening. Though I believe I wasn’t impaired, I regret not using greater caution under the circumstances.

“I was pulled over by a state highway patrolman for either speeding or for a lane change violation. I performed several tests during the traffic stop at the trooper’s direction. Although I felt that I was not impaired, I was arrested for driving my car while under the influence. I regret refusing further testing that would have established that I was not impaired.

“The trooper discovered a single prescription pill that he believed to be Adderall during a search of my car. I am not prescribed and do not use this medicine. The fact that it was in my vehicle is concerning and very serious.

“I am confident that the court process will result in a conclusion that supports these facts.

“But more than anything, I want to apologize and express my regret to people who feel disappointed by my actions. I share their disappointment. This error in judgment will offer me an opportunity to learn and grow. I want to thank everyone who has supported me or expressed their concern throughout this experience.”

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