By Stephen Spotswood

July 26 – August 17


A warrior woman finds her fire and fights for her future.

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Unemployed, fresh off a dead-end marriage, and searching for a way to take control of her life, Halo walks into a gym and signs up for mixed martial arts lessons. As she prepares for her first match, Halo realizes that life inside the cage and outside the cage are disturbingly similar. And that the only way to survive either is to fight.


Heart-pounding action meets tense family drama in the Know’s Season 22 opener, Girl in the Red Corner, an unflinching look at the grit and guts of female MMA fighters, as well as the collateral damage of life in working-class America.


Halo’s life is chaos. She’s lost her job, her marriage, and her sense of direction. With nothing left to lose, she walks into a mixed martial arts gym and asks for lessons.


Halo’s trainer thinks she’s a lightweight. Her mom and her sister think she’s lost her mind. But as she trains, Halo gets a glimpse of a way out of a dead-end life.

Yet as the date of her first big fight draws nearer, Halo discovers you can’t just walk away from where you come from. Sometimes, the world outside the ring bleeds through. And when that happens, you just must stand and fight.


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