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Cover of I’m No Different Than You

     Jaime Mahaffey and Kristy High have announced the release of the book, I’m No Different Than You. The book is the latest in a series of titles that address various childhood health and wellness topics.

“I’m No Different Than You” highlights Kayla, a girl who has a positive outlook on life despite the challenges of managing a chronic medical condition. After having to attend a new school, Kayla is worried about how others will react to learning that she has sickle cell disease. Kayla’s friendships are quickly changed by the lack of understanding, and fears of the other children.

The book is based on the experiences of Mahaffey’s 15-year-old daughter, Kayla, and High’s 12 year-old goddaughter, Kiera, who both live with sickle cell disease.

Both children have encountered situations in school that involved bullying and other social issues because of having sickle cell disease.

Authors Kristy High and Jaime Mahaffey have published a book about sickle cell disease and bullying. Photo provided

“Children with chronic medical conditions struggle not only with the illness itself, but also with how it is perceived by their peers, and we are determined to bring awareness to this crucial social issue,’’ said Jaime Mahaffey, a licensed independent social worker and author. “We hope the book will further educate parents, children, teachers and healthcare providers on the importance of social acceptance for children with chronic medical illnesses and how socially and emotionally they are no different than any other child.”

The book is the follow up to Mahaffey and High’s 2017 release, Peter’s Perfect Pipes, which focuses on Peter, a young boy who suffers from asthma and initially is fearful and saddened by the diagnosis. Peter soon learns how to manage this medical condition while also living a healthy and active life.

“We received such a positive response from our last book, so we saw this as the perfect opportunity to continue the conversation around children’s health,” said High, a health and wellness educator and co-author. “These are stories and actual firsthand experiences that effect children and the families and friends around them.”

I’m No Different Than You is available for preorder through Mahaffey and High at For more information visit

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