Exhale Central North Carolina shows their incredible POWER! Photo provided

Exhale Central North Carolina shows their incredible POWER! Photo provided

By Deborah A. Culp

Power to Exhale

The Power to Exhale, one of the fastest growing women’s empowerment organizations in the world, is taking in new chapters in increasing numbers monthly across the country leading up to its Real Power Summit September 20 to 22 in Atlanta, when Iyanla Vanzant, Sarah Jakes, Ace Metaphor, Derrick Jaxn, Stephen Speaks and the Women of Power to Exhale celebrate you and other women.

The event features powerful speakers, workshops, vendors, makeovers, a Real Power awards party, Girls Ultimate Turn-up and more.

Over five years ago, Charla Young founded and became the CEO of the ever-growing, positive women’s group Power to Exhale. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the group has chapters across the United States and in four countries and is still growing. P2E is headed by Young, but each chapter’s leadership is under “Power DIVAs.” P2E is literally a breath of fresh air, a structured group that has been deemed a movement.

Charla Young, Founder/CEO of Power to Exhale. Photo provided

The women hail from all walks of life, and each brings her own flair to her chapter and the movement as a whole. Race, color, financial status doesn’t matter to Young or P2E. Every woman is treated the same like the Queen she is, with respect and much dignity, says Young. “I am my sister’s keeper” is alive and well within the entire Power to Exhale realm. “This is very true on all levels and the group is growing as we speak,” said Young.

Young’s background is in communications, and it carries over into her bestselling books. The latest literary gem, stemming in part from personal life experiences. “Life’s Lemons Make Damn Good Lemonade.”
There is something for everyone in P2E, and it’s shared throughout in many ways – via “Charla-Grams” emails from the Crown Queen (or P2E Top DIVA) , through the main Facebook Page, each Chapters Facebook pages, word of mouth and the main website: http://powertoexhale.org/


There are three cornerstones to P2E:

  1. Exhale for Women that asks:  “Are you looking for a great group of women to make a connection? Looking to wipe out the negativity and drama in your life? Check out our women’s empowerment group. It’s life-changing!”
  2. Power-Up University: Because Charla Young believes in feeding the mind and empowering members in all facets.  “The goal is to help our members your full potential and maximize what the universe gives you. We will help you Power Up in the areas of nutrition/exercise, emotional intelligence, financial literacy and life skills, to the best of our ability, Young said.”
  3. Power Girls: “The children are our future. To ensure our kids’ success, we must pour into them. We work with girls ages 6-17 in 10 different cities.

Young said, Power to Exhale is a women’s empowerment organization that is based in love and positive energy.  The organization is ever growing with 97 chapters in five countries and almost 200,000 members globally.

“We don’t care where you work, live or play, what your husband does for a living or if you even have a husband.  We only care about your powerful potential and how we can help get you to the best version of yourself,’’ said Young.

For more information about the organization, how to form a chapter, opportunities and its No Sister Left Behind program, visit www.powertoexhale.org.

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