Friends, Magic, England… This is Not the Story You’re Thinking of.

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Ever feel like you’re not the hero of your own story? Fresh off its triumphant Off-Broadway debut comes this raucous new comedy about seven eventful years at a certain school of magic and magic. From November 22 – December 21, Know Theatre is proud to bring Cincinnati our version of the uncensored, unexpected flipside of the fantasy world you only THINK you know so well.


Puffs follows the adventures of a trio of friends, three “Puffs,” as they study magic at school of male magic and female magic, concurrent with a certain boy wizard and his friends. Through their wacky adventures, they encounter characters like “The Death Buddies,” “Blondo Malfoy,” “The Headmaster,” “Professor McG,” “A Certain Potions Teacher,” and of course, the evil “Mr. Voldy”!


Magic, sports, and a battle against evil collide in a hilarious new play for anyone who’s ever felt like they weren’t the hero of their story. Wayne Hopkins is an otherwise normal, run of the mill, pop-culture-obsessed kid. Thrust into a magical world from decidedly non-magical origins in New Mexico, he thinks he just might be destined for something great… when he’s sorted into the Puffs! But, just because you’re an underdog doesn’t mean you can’t become the hero…right? 


Follow their adventures as the otherwise entirely un-noteworthy Puffs house tries to stop losing every competition to the Braves… and the Smarts. And the Snakes. If only the Puffs and their de facto leader Cedric could find their confidence and figure out how to take first place… Okay, that’s perhaps shooting too high; how about second place? No? Okay, third! Yeah, THIRD OR NOTHING! 


Will the Puffs ever rise above the lowest rung on the ladder? Will Cedric survive Year 4? Will Wayne overcome his non-magical past to become not just an adequate wizard but maybe even the hero? 


Tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling 513.300.5669

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