By Monica Alistar 

Herald Contributor 

Point2 Homes, a real estate portal supporting home searchers in the U.S., Canada, and many international locations released a new report ranking the most dynamic cities in the U.S. 

We looked at the nation’s most populous 150 cities and, to identify the top performers in terms of growth and progress, we selected 18 indicators, grouped into four main dimensions (Human Capital, Education and Culture, Economic Activity, and Housing). Then, we weighted the scores attributed to each indicator to reflect their importance, on a 120-point scale.  

The report showcases the overall ranking, separate rankings for large, mid-sized and small cities, and the top 10 cities for each of the 18 metrics considered. 

According to the data, Cincinnati makes the top 100 most dynamic urban centers in the country, on the 97th spot. In the mid-sized cities category, Cincinnati ranks 53rd. 

The metric for which the city ranks best is the increase in the number of internet subscriptions, the 4th largest of all the 150 urban centers in the report; 

Cincinnati also stands out for its significant decline in unemployment rates, the 19th biggest drop of all the cities analyzed

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