Thaddeus Hoffmeister. Photo provided

On December 1, the Wyoming, Ohio, City Council unanimously selected Thaddeus Hoffmeister to become the city’s newest mayor. Hoffmeister, who received the highest number of votes of any member of the Wyoming City Council members in the most recent election, will be Wyoming’s first African American mayor. His term runs from 2019-2021.   

Residents of Wyoming do not vote directly for mayor. Instead, members of city council select the mayor among fellow councilmembers. Traditionally, the position of mayor has gone to the councilmember with the highest number of votes from the residents. 

When asked about his selection, Mayor Hoffmeister said, “It is both an honor and a privilege to lead the finest city in Ohio. I can only hope to continue the legacy of previous mayors who have made Wyoming the top designation spot for those moving to Southwest Ohio.”  

In addition to his duties as mayor, Hoffmeister sits on the Board of SORTA, the region’s transit authority, works as a law professor and serves in the National Guard.

He resides in Wyoming with his wife, Alea Brown, and his two children Zola and Ava.

Home to more than 8,000 residents, Wyoming is recognized nationally for its top-ranked school system.

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