By Nina Segal

January 17th- February 8th

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When the world comes crashing down around you,
how do you make it through the night?


Following its London premiere in 2016, Nina Segal’s riveting new drama In the Night Time (before the sun rises) makes it U.S. debut on the Know Theatre Mainstage:


Somewhere – not here, but somewhere – it is night time.


A baby cries. A bottle breaks. A window smashes. And deep into the night, a couple we meet as simply “Man” and “Woman” try to soothe their screaming newborn back to sleep.


As the hours grow longer, the world becomes elastic around them, and the horrors that scar our planet threatens to crash into the baby’s room.


In the longest, darkest hours of the night, when sleep deprivation robs you of your mooring, you begin to wonder – how could we have brought a child into such a wounded world?


And how can we find the hope, together, to carry on?


Called “raw and restlessand “visceral from start to finish by critics, Nina Segal’s unflinching script echoes the styles of Sarah Kane or Caryl Churchill, but with a contemporary feel all her own. And though Segal is unafraid to take us into the darker stretches of the human imagination, this story’s ultimate message of hope at the end of a long night will resonate with anyone seeking the light in these dark times.


Tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling 513.300.5669

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