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By M.B. Reilly
University of Cincinnati 

The University of Cincinnati was honored with the 2019 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. 

According to Lenore Pearlstein, magazine publisher, it recognizes institutions where diversity and inclusion are woven into the work being done every day across their campuses, and only 92 U.S. colleges and universities received the award. 

UC was highlighted in the magazine’s November issue. The publication makes note of a new equity and inclusion offering at the university called “Don’t Cancel Class!” 

The new program was developed and recently launched by Bleuzette Marshall, vice president of Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact, and Dy’an Marinos, assistant division director. For faculty members or instructors who might need to be away from the classroom in order to attend presentations, engage in research or take part in professional development opportunities, “Don’t Cancel Class!” offers an alternative educational experience during the class period when the faculty member is away. 

The university equity and inclusion training team is instead using the class time to offer educational sessions covering a wide range of topics when faculty and instructors might need to be away. These discipline-specific workshops include activities designed to make learning about diversity, equity and inclusion engaging and informative. 

According to UC President Neville Pinto, “Being a HEED Award recipient sparks our desire to be even more innovative and more impactful in our efforts. A great example is our ‘Don’t Cancel Class!’ program. Through this effort, we are preparing our students to be successful in a global workforce.” 

Marshall agreed, saying, “The new Don’t Cancel Class! program is just one of the many integrated efforts among our faculty, staff and students to advance equity, inclusion and our collective community impact. I consider the award as an acknowledgement for all of us involved in collaborative partnerships throughout campus. It’s recognition that we are advancing in providing programs, resources and initiatives that make a difference, foster progress and embrace and support our students, faculty and staff.’’ 

This commitment to inclusion and innovation drives UC’s entire strategic direction, Next Lives Here, bridging and integrating each platform and pathway to the others.    

In addition to the university’s HEED honors, three UC colleges have just been selected among the recipients for the prestigious INSIGHT Into Diversity Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity awards. The awards recognize those colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

“On both the university and college levels, it is such an honor that UC and our allied health, nursing and pharmacy programs are nationally recognized for tireless work in providing inclusive opportunities to our students, faculty and staff as they continue to create pathways to develop culturally competent healthcare providers,” stated Vice President Marshall. “Kudos to deans Tina Whalen, Greer Glazer and Neil MacKinnon and the countless members of their respective college communities who constantly advocate for and advance learning, growth and continued success. They demonstrate that together, we can achieve so much.” 

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