• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Hamilton County Commissioners recognized these community leaders during this February Black History Month event. From left are Commissioners Victoria Parks and Denise Driehaus, Annie Ruth, Woodlawn Mayor Susan Farley, Marjorie Mosley, Carol Smith, Tracey Artis, Chelsea Clarke (in front), and Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney. Photo by Dan Yount

By Bridget Doherty 

Hamilton County Commission 

As part of their Black History Month observance, Hamilton County commissioners this month recognized eight women who are community leaders during one of their weekly meetings.  

Hamilton County Commissioners, in back from left, Victoria Parks, Denise Driehaus and Stephanie Summerow Dumas, present Black History Month award to Carol Smith. Photo by Dan Yount

The women being honored this year are: 

Tracey Artis – for her outstanding community involvement and musical genius that generates positive energy in all of Hamilton County. 

Mayor Susan Farley – for the many years of commitment to make a difference in the governmental system, especially in the Village of Woodlawn. 

Annie Ruth – for work with the children of Hamilton County and her outstanding literary and artistic genius. 

Iris Roley -  for the continual giving of herself and steadfast advocacy for all the people of Hamilton County. For bringing light to dark places that were so in need of light. 

Chelsea Clarke –for her commitment to the political process in the City of Forest Park and her innovative work with young people in the STEM program. 

Carol Smith – for years of work with non-profit organizations and advocacy in the community for financial empowerment of people in Hamilton County. 

Marjorie Mosley –for her unyielding advocacy in Hamilton County to be a voice for those that are unable to speak for themselves. 

Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney – for providing professional literary truth to those that are bombarded by untruths in so many forms of media.  Also for her community involvement in other arenas that allow you to provide your vast expertise. 

Patricia Milton –   for her passionate advocacy in Hamilton County especially the Avondale community to try to make life better for everyone. 

Woodlawn Mayor Susan Farley and her daughter Tracey Artis were both honored by the county. Photo provided