• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles celebrates 50 years with gala

Members of the Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles celebrated their 50th anniversary with a gala. From left, seated, are Doris Jackson, Phyllis McCallum, Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray (president), Lois Conyers, (founding member), Patricia Brown, Nicole Dowdell and Carol Davis. Standing, from left, are Denise Revely, Helen O’Neal, Betti Hinton, Lana Hacksworth, Alva Jean Crawford, Blanche Kabengele, Ph.D., Dr. Hazel Kanu, Brendra Berry, Carole Rigaud, Johnie Davis, Nedra Scott, Annie Timmons and Cherylen Smith. Photos by Jonathan Hornsby at jonphotography@aol.com.

By Doris Jackson And Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray 

Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles

The Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles celebrated their Golden Anniversary with a festive gala on Friday December 20, 2019, at the Manor House in Mason.   

Janice Wright, national vice-president of The Moles brought greetings and a gift from the national office.     

From left, Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray (Cincinnati president) introduces
Janis Wright, national vice president of The Moles, from Columbus, Ohio.

The Moles from Dayton and Columbus shared in the celebration and the Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles saluted their guests with more than 100 attendees were on hand to celebrate the occasion and kick off the holiday weekend with the help of the Dean Simms Band of Dayton.   

The Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles was established March 29, 1969.  The charter members were Theresa Breazeal, Lois Conyers, Lela Dean, Dorothy Dobbins, Ruth Douglas, Mary Finley, Marjorie Gordon, Mary Haywood, Muriel Hunter, Mildred Nichols, Elizabeth Oxley, Marian Patton, Frances Pitts, Mary Randolph, Gladys Robinson.  Lois Conyers is the only living charter member and was recognized during the celebration.  

Lois Conyers, a founding member of the Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles, is welcomed to the
podium by Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray (president) and Phyllis McCallum (vice president).

The national organization of The Moles was officially chartered in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1950. Mole sisters personify their acronym: Maturity, Optimism, Loyalty, Enthusiasm and Sparkle.  

While primarily a social organization, The Moles also serve their communities through scholarships, civic donations and mentorship. 

From left, Doris Jackson, event chair, receives a gift from Phyllis McCallum (vice president) and Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray (president).

Doris Jackson, event chair, Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray, chapter president, and Phyllis McCallum, chapter vice president, along with the 50th Anniversary Committee, including Lois Conyers, Jean Crawford, Johnie Davis, Nicole Dowdell, Dr. Blanche Kabengele, Helen O’Neal, Denise Revely, Lillie Shockley and Cherylen Smith planned a wonderful joyous golden anniversary. 

The members of the Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles: Brenda Berry, Dr. Patricia Brown, Lois Conyers, Jean Crawford, Carol Davis, Johnie Davis, Nicole Dowdell, Lula Graham, Lana Hackworth, Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray, Doris Jackson, Dr. Blanche Kabengele, Dr. Hazel Kanu, Phyllis McCallum, Helen O’Neal, Denise Revely, Carole Rigaud, Nedra Scott, Lillie Shockley, Cherylen Smith, Merri Gaither Smith, and Annie Timmons; Alumnae Members: Gloria Hanley, Betti Hinton, Dr. Cheryl Whittington; emeritae members: Lilian Casey, Vivian Leavell and Lillian McGoodwin. 

Husbands of members of the Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles, who attended the gala are seated, from left, Dr. Kenneth Davis, Thomas Brown, Bertie Ray III, Lois Conyers (founding member),
Paul Davis, Thomas Revely and Will Scott. Standing, from left, are Edwin Rigaud, Dr. Milton Hinton, Lannis Timmons, Gary Dowdell, Steve Jemison, Esq., Enyi Kanu, Peter Kabengele, Elton
Berry, Dwight Smith, Dr. Alvin Crawford and Wendell O’Neal.