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Moles Members Jumbotron

Mar 5, 2020

Members of the Cincinnati Chapter of The Moles celebrated their 50th anniversary with a gala. From left, seated, are Doris Jackson, Phyllis McCallum, Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray (president), Lois
Conyers, (founding member), Patricia Brown, Nicole Dowdell and Carol Davis. Standing, from left, are Denise Revely, Helen O’Neal, Betti Hinton, Lana Hacksworth, Alva Jean Crawford, Blanche
Kabengele, Ph.D., Dr. Hazel Kanu, Brendra Berry, Carole Rigaud, Johnie Davis, Nedra Scott, Annie Timmons and Cherylen Smith. Photos by Jonathan Hornsby at jonphotography@aol.com.

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