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The sun has been out and I know everyone has had cabin fever, but please keep in mind coronavirus is still here and to make sure we are still continuing to stay safe! That’s why your girl put together a couple fun outdoor activities that you can do solo, with your partner or the whole family! These outdoor activities are also super effective, I didn’t spend more than $50 on each outdoor activity. 

Bougie Picnic

Since time is not a factor, why not really enjoy some time outside around some beautiful decor!? I had my friend Simone from The Confetti Room set up this cute and bougie picnic decor for me – but if you are talented like her you could totally do yourself. You can even hire her to come set this up for you for a day or night date in the park! Surrounded by so much pretty decor really enhances your vibes, I felt like someone’s rich auntie lounging in the park, people watching. 

Charcuterie Board

This is a bonus add on for a picnic or just to take with you to sit outside and enjoy the weather! This lovely board you can totally do yourself, or be like me and rely on other people’s talents such as 5 Star Meal Prep. They focus on healthy food that taste good, so this was a perfect option for me to snack on while I enjoyed my day date in the park. 

Smore’s Bar

I mean the title says it all! This you can do inside or outside. I have my limits so I decided to take this one in doors 🙂 All you need is a cute bar cart or table, real fire or chaffers, graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and an extra bonus – chocolate or butterscotch toppings.

This would make a really cute date night or a family dessert treat – or you could totally do it like me and treat yo self! You really don’t need a reason. 

Patio Game Night

You don’t have to just have game night’s inside, if you have a patio or outdoor seating space, take the fun outside! Make sure you have some bug repellent and candles though, if you are like me – I don’t do the bugs and certainly not the bug bites! Summer nights feel different outside with a nice cool breeze – so pick up some board games, download a fun game app and enjoy the fresh air! You can pick up inexpensive board games from amazon, dollar general or target. 

Inflatable Pool Party 

If you live in a building like me, going to a swimming pool is not really an option right now. So why not get an inflatable pool for one! There are so many cute inflatable pools out right now, I found this cute solo pool for only $20 at Homegoods along with the beach towel and pillow for only $15! If you have a family, you can totally get a bigger inflatable pool. I decided to join my friend outside, social distancing of course for a pool party we could enjoy together!

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