Avery and Jackson Ausmer in their home studio where they create “Hey Black Child: The Podcast.”

By John Bach, Herald Contributor

Nicole Ausmer, PhD, is Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development at UC and a well-known figure on campus. She may soon be taking a backseat in the popularity department to her two children who went national on “Good Morning America” this last week.

“Hey Black Child: The Podcast” is a brand new podcast that the Ausmer family created to fill a void that 10-year-    old daughter, Avery, noticed when she went searching for podcasts geared toward young people about Black history. She and her 7-year-old brother, Jackson, now star on the podcast that debuted July 1.

UC’s Ausmer works behind the scenes as the scriptwriter while her husband, Lionell, CEAS ’06, handles the sound engineering. 

“From day one, the kids have really bought into the process from directing, helping with the scripts and picking topics, so it has been really a family affair to make this come to fruition,” Nicole Ausmer shared in an interview with Spectrum News.

Avery told reporters that she’s counting on the podcast to educate, too.

“I hope that people that aren’t Black learn that everybody should be treated equally and shouldn’t be treated differently. And they should have equal rights,” Avery said.

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