By Sarah Gideonse

Woman’s City Club

Wednesday, October 28, 6:30 p.m.


David Singleton. Photo provided

Speakers, David Singleton, Executive Director, and Sasha Naiman, Associate Director, Ohio Justice and Policy Center (OJPC), will discuss how their non-profit law firm works to create a “fair, intelligent, redemptive criminal justice systems in Ohio through zealous client-centered advocacy, innovative policy reform, and cross-sector community education.”

OJPC works to safely and substantially reduce the number of incarcerated people and to eliminate racial disparity in the criminal legal system. OJPC believes in second chances. It doesn’t write people off and believes everyone deserves a chance for redemption and healing.

Sasha Naiman. Photo provided

Singleton and Naiman will share OJPC’s current policy goals and advocacy efforts to create safe, fair communities statewide, working for a more just Ohio.  They will also suggest ways that audience members can become champions for justice. 

A graduate of Harvard Law School and a public defender in Harlem and the District of Columbia for many years, OJPC Executive Director Mr. Singleton is also a professor at NKU’s Salmon B. Chase Collage of Law.

Naiman’s law degree is from the Washington University. As director of operations, she plays multiple roles, including working with Second Chance Project that helps people with criminal records overcome barriers to community reintegration.

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