• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Council establishes Racial Equity Task Force

Photo by Yasteel Dhoodnath from Pexels

Herald Staff

Cincinnati City Council voted last Wednesday to confirm the first 15 appointments to the city’s new Racial Equity in Policy Task Force, with more members possibly appointed later.

Council approved an ordinance in August creating the group. It’s designed to recommend policies for dismantling systemic and institutional racism, and to promote racial equity throughout the city.

According to the ordinance, “the goal of the racial equity in policy task force is to recommend to the mayor and city council policy proposals addressing minority health inequities, including using a systemic and data-driven focus on poverty, economic mobility, and other factors that impact the social determinants of health impacting inequities in many areas, including but not limited to crime, social capital, education, transportation, employment, food access, health behaviors, socioeconomic status, environmental exposure, access to health services, housing, and public safety.’’

Those appointed Wednesday:

  • Edith Thrower, representing the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • Denisa Porter, representing the All In Coalition
  • Renee Mahaffey Harris, representing the Center for Closing the Health Gap
  • Melba Moore, representing the Cincinnati Health Department
  • Eric Kearney, representing the African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Rev. Damon Lynch, III, representing the Community Economic Advancement Initiative
  • William West, representing the Cincinnati African American Firefighters Association
  • Eddie Koen, representing the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio
  • Joe Mallory, representing the Cincinnati NAACP
  • Louis Arnold, representing the Sentinel Police Association
  • Dr. Roosevelt Walker, representing the Cincinnati Medical Association
  • Bishop Bobby Hilton, representing the National Action Network
  • Ali Kathman, representing Hamilton County Public Health
  • Rev. Mark Bomar, representing the Baptist Ministers Conference
  • Dr. Lisa Wilson, representing the Black Nurses Association

They are charged with making specific recommendations in the following areas: new investment in group prenatal care; mandatory lead-testing and lead-abatement of residential properties at the time of property transfer; conversion of vacant or available property for urban farming and agriculture to eradicate food deserts; and other areas at the task force’s own discretion consistent with its mission.