• Tue. May 30th, 2023

New Northside transit center provides improved connections and rider amenities

The Northside Transit Center includes covered waiting benches, enhanced landscaping and scenery, enhanced lighting, and more. Photo provided

By Brandy Jones

Metro Communications

Metro CEO and General Manager Darryl Haley. Photo provided

Better connections to jobs and entertainment; enhanced customer amenities; and a new Park & Ride were all things to celebrate during the recent grand opening of Metro’s new Northside Transit Center.

The Northside neighborhood is the second highest transfer location in Metro’s system, second only to downtown’s Government Square. The new center, located near the intersection of Spring Grove Avenue and Blue Rock Street, will help alleviate traffic and congestion along Hamilton Avenue and will be served by eight routes: 15X, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23X, 27 and 51.

The new transit center offers many amenities, including:

       •      Eight boarding bays, each with an architecturally designed shelter

       •      A sheltered stop on Spring Grove Ave.

       •      Designated Park & Ride spaces for commuters

       •      Wayfinding maps, real-time electronic signs and ticket vending machines

       •      Enhanced streetscaping, lighting and shelters

“The opening of the Northside Transit Center is a big step in making Metro safer and more convenient, while contributing to the economic vibrancy of Northside,” said Darryl Haley, Metro CEO & General Manager. “This critical connection point in our region is a great addition for the Northside community and the many riders who use our service to travel to and through the area.”

During the event, Metro unveiled artwork at the transit center designed by winners of the transit agency’s art contest for Northside residents. The artwork includes Claire Darley’s “Host,” Matthew Grote’s “Home,” Shane Hatfield’s “Bussin’ to N*Side,” Amanda Nurre’s “Great Aunt Pat,” and 11-year old Zosia Vogan’s “Mind of Northside.” The contest was launched to add a special Northside touch to the center’s design. Residents were asked to submit artwork following the theme, “What does Northside mean to me?” Learn more about the artists and their artwork at go-metro.com/ntc-art.

The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) secured $3.7 million to fund the project, including 80 percent federal funds as well as local match funding.

Learn more about the Northside Transit Center at go-metro.com/northside-transit-center.