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Who listens to podcasts? 👋🏽

During this time, I’ve really been taking into more podcasts. One of my favorites is from the Talent Magnet Institute – today I’ll be showing you a little insight into my work life😊

The Talent Magnet Institute’s mission is to develop leaders and organizations into “talent magnets.” What is a talent magnet? A talent magnet is a growth-minded leader who has a desire to be proactive in the way they attract, recruit, on-board, develop and retain their people. We partner with these leaders–who know the opportunity that exists when you create, align and engage your entire organization with a clear and focused strategic plan. These leaders understand that corporate purpose, mission, core values and strategy are amplified when employees believe in the organization.

On the podcast: Each week, they have deep conversations with leaders, executives and other professionals from around the world about what defines success in relationships, work, community and life.  You will gain wisdom and insights learning from these candid, personal stories of success and failure; building and re-building.

If you are trying to elevate your leadership, business and personal development I encourage you to check them out. Head over here now.

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