Mike DeWine. Photo provided by WCPO

Mike DeWine. Photo provided by WCPO

By: Sarah Walsh

Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday announced new restrictions on some activities and pleaded with Ohioans to practice basic COVID-19 safety measures as fall deepens into winter, with a vaccine possible but far from guaranteed.

Speaking directly to Ohioans for the first time since summer, DeWine described the mounting crisis in his state: Thousands of new COVID-19 diagnoses every day, more than 700 patients simultaneously in intensive care, and legions of burnt-out health care workers attempting to prepare for an even more demanding winter.

For more information, go to: https://www.wcpo.com/news/coronavirus/live-dewines-covid-19-address-to-ohioans-on-nov-11-2020

Reposted with permission from WCPO 9 News.

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