• Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

In 2018, Morgan A. Owens launched her first book, “Finding My Sparkle” a journey though low self-esteem and body image issues. Since launching the book Morgan has gone on to write for the National Black Press a monthly column encouraging others to find theirs. In 2020 her desire is to spread her message of encouragement to hundreds of other women through a multi-city book tour including:

An Intimate Fireside Chat about, “Finding My Sparkle”

• Learn how your perception of yourself affects your relationship, career and life goals
• Develop and learn how to effectively execute goals
• Find the balance of career and self-care
• Find importance in investing in personal development opportunities available to them.
• Use adversity to fuel determination
• How to overcome challenges within yourself in order to be successful

Due to Covid, the book tour was cancelled until further notice. However, Morgan wanted to keep the momentum and sparkle going and help a virtual sparkle week with all of her tour hosts and special VIP guest such as:

  • Beatrice Dixon – The Honey Pot
  • Kalilah Wright – Mess In A Bottle
  • Dr. Nicole Garner Scott- The Garner Circle

The virtual sparkle series took place in September and over 100 attendees watched. Morgan would like to thank all her sponsors who helped her continued to shine. For more information about Finding My Sparkle visit: www.morganaowens.com

Thank you to my small business sponsors!

  • Ghanesia Mack
  • Veronica Birch
  • Aretha Metts
  • Jasmine Pope
  • Alicia Franklin
  • Devon Moody-Graham
  • Madeleine Kipperman
  • Carrie
  • Louis Parker
  • Adriane Warren
  • Kevona Jenkins
  • C Renee Mangum
  • Meshia Standifer Carter
  • Marcy Fitzgerald
  • Bree Pickens
  • Anisa Shomo
  • Simone Charles 
  • Angela Cook- Frazier
  • Amber Twitty
  • Hope Johnson
  • Christina Davis
  • Threron Brown
  • B Marie Crawford
  • Tiffany Ware
  • Morgan Martin
  • Adrienne Hilton
  • Rima Diaz
  • Lencia Marshall
  • Nita Futrell
  • Joy Daniels
  • Alexis Whittle 
  • Clarice Warner
  • Donnis Overton
  • Terria Jordan
  • Tiffani Rai
  • Janie Blue 
  • Lauren Daniels
  • Kenneth Gilbert
  • Janelle Hocker
  • Jordan Dawson
  • Melody Robinson