• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Lee Chapel Church is one of the polling places in Evanston.

Photos by Herald staff / Walter White and Wade Lacey

Voters talk while waiting to vote at the Urban League polling location.
Hamilton County Commission candidate Alicia Reece holds a sign reading “Voting is Good Trouble” at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.
Voters socially distanced while waiting at the Pleasant Ridge Center polling location.
Voter lines on Election Day were reportedly steady in Lincoln Heights.
Forest Park had minimum people waiting. It looks like early voting solved the waiting.
Poll workers were all smiles at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.
Voters gathered at the Avondale polling location.
Hamilton County Commision candidate Alicia Reece speaks to voters while at the Board of Elections.
Two voters showcased their “OhIo Voted” stickers at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.
Woodlawn saw a small turnout thanks to early voting, as well.
Inside one of the poll site was sparse with voters thanks to the huge early voting turnout.
Voter turnout was great at the College Hill polling location.
This College Hill poll site saw voters throughout the day.
Polling center at the Evanston Recreation Center.
Polling place at the Hyde Park Public Library.
The polling location at the Oakley Recreation Center.
The polling location at the Main Library in Downtown Cincinnati.