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Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant, Herald Beauty

You must be looking at this picture and saying, what is this Morgan and why. Let me tell you, my good friends over at Rapid Results Cryo. introduced me to this new beauty treatment with their Infrared Blanket.

Rapid Results Cyro is a Black Woman Owned Business that offers a variety of wellness services designed to help you look and feel your best They are made up of a team of professionals lead by Sandra W. Waits M.A., HTP/A and Tiffani Ray.

Tiffany put me into this full body blanket that heats up and helps:

• Reduces inflammation

• Relieves joint pain

• Eliminates toxins

• Increases circulation

• Reduces fat and cellulite

• Burns up to 850 calories in 30 minutes (Sweat Therapy)

Sounds like a good time to me! Make sure you visit Rapid Results Cryo and take advantage of some special offers this month!

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