• Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Morgan A. Owens. Photo provided

Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

Self-love also incorporates great skin. These products are great to use to get your skin Valentine’s Day ready. Treat yourself or your significant other – either way it’s worth a try!

MAC Lip Scrub:
Get those lips soft and kiss ready with this MAC gentle lip scrub. Even if it’s not for Valentine’s Day you want to make sure you exfoliate your lips more in the wintertime to avoid chap.

This overnight product is a creamy passionfruit night treatment with powerfully gentle skin-exfoliating acids and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. You’ll wake up to soft skin every morning, all you have to do is apply and sleep.

Suggested Usage:
-Apply a thin layer to clean skin.
-Allow skin-refining acids to work while you sleep.
-Use nightly or as desired.

Kiehl’s Glow Formula
This is one of my favorite products that I am in love with this is a great hydrating moisturizer for day and night. This is a facial moisturizer infused with Pomegranate Extract and Illuminating Minerals for instantly glowing skin.