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Frances Russ

Communications Officer 

Cincinnati Public Schools

Superintendent of CPS Laura Mitchell. Photo provided

We are very excited to be welcoming students back to five days a week of in-person learning on Wednesday,
March 31. Below is important information for our parents:

Spring Break Extended to March 30  

∙ Spring break will be extended by a day for students, through March 30, so teachers can prepare their  classrooms. 

∙ On March 31, students will begin either five days a week of in-person learning or five days a week of  distance learning at their current school through the Schoology platform. 

∙ Students may choose to enroll in Cincinnati Digital Academy. 

∙ We will continue to use all safety protocols and they can be found here. 

What will school look like on March 31: 

∙ Classroom desks will be set up three feet apart. When possible, the desks will be set up six feet apart. ∙ Buses could be two students per seat, and students must remain masked. 

∙ Hallways will have one-way direction lanes and one-way staircases with adult supervision during  class changes to remind students to move quickly and allow as much distancing as possible. o Hallway signage will serve as visible reminders, and additional time will be given to students  to travel between classes to ensure one-way direction lanes can be followed. 

∙ When students remove their masks (e.g., breakfast, lunch, or drink water), they will be six feet  apart (as much as possible). 

Students in Distance Learning: 

∙ Students in distance learning should continue to access Schoology for their class assignments. 

Concurrent Learning:

At a recent school board meeting, the board agreed to also return to five days a week of in-person learning for the 2021-2022 academic year, with an option of concurrent learning. Concurrent learning means students will continue with distance learning from home but will be able to remote into their classroom for their daily  lessons with their teacher. A form will be sent to families in April to select this option for the fall semester. 

High School Lottery: 

The deadline for the high school lottery is fast approaching. Online applications are due April 16. More  information and the online application are available here.

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