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By Bao M. Nguyen, Board President Asian American Cultural Association, and Jill P. Meyer, President and CEO, Cincinnati Chamber

In light of the on-going increase in violence and hate against the Asian American community in the past year including the event this week in Atlanta, the Cincinnati Chamber and the Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati (AACAC) stand in solidarity to #STOPAAPIHate and released the following joint-statement.

The Cincinnati Chamber, through its work leading Diverse by Design, Cincinnati Compass, Building Cultural Competence: A Program For Leaders, and so much more, is dedicated to making Cincinnati a welcoming community that celebrates the people and cultures that make our region unique.

The Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati produces celebrations including the Lunar New Year gatherings, and is a pillar in the Asian American community, sharing and integrating our community’s culture in Cincinnati.

The organizations began partnering in 2017 to co-produce the Asian Food Fest.

“Our organizations stand together against hate and violence. As partners in the production of the Asian Food Fest, we bring our community together to celebrate Asian culture and our shared humanity. We are friends and collaborators, and together we believe that our region is better because of the diversity and vibrancy of the Asian community that lives and works here.

Together, we call on our members, supporters, and everyone in the Cincinnati region to take action by engaging and supporting your Asian co-workers, employees, and friends, and supporting Asian-owned businesses.

Later this year, we’ll gather together at the Asian Food Fest (August 7-8, 2021), to celebrate and honor the incredible contributions Asian American community members make in the region.”

“Together, we will #StopAsianHate.” The Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati is an Asian-led nonprofit with a vision to make Cincinnati a more diverse and inclusive city by centering Asian American experiences to increase Asian American visibility and representation, retain and attract Asian Americans to Cincinnati.

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