• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023


Cincinnati Mayoral candidate Gavi Begtrup announced his plan to jumpstart the Collaborative Agreement, the police reform agreement from April 2002 designed to foster relationships between the City, the Police Force, and the Black community. By using funding from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Begtrup would fully fund the Citizen Complaint Authority to reduce the backlog and create a new $1M Reimagining Police Fund for community initiated innovative ideas in policing, to be administered collaboratively by the parties to the Collaborative Agreement.

“Cincinnati should lead the nation in police reform. It is the 20th anniversary of Timothy Thomas’s death, and although we’ve made progress in police-community relations, we shouldn’t have to wait for another death before we take further action,” said Begtrup.

Cincinnati Mayoral candidate Gavi Begtrup. Photo provided

“Luckily, we already have the infrastructure with the Collaborative Agreement. As mayor, I will revitalize the Collaborative Agreement, fully fund the Citizen Complaint Authority, and create a new $1M Reimagining Police Fund to implement innovative ideas in policing. Our citizens have already created so many great ideas to actively bridge the divide between our police and our communities. With this money, we can make those ideas real.”

The Collaborative Agreement was made with the stated goals of evaluation and accountability, community engagement, and independent review of police practices. For more information on the Collaborative Agreement, visit: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/police/department-references/collaborative-agreement/