• Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Day 11 of the Chauvin trial: Philonise Floyd offers ‘spark of life’ testimony

Philonise Floyd gave the “spark of life” testimony. Photo provided by PBS NewsHour / YouTube

by MSR News Online

George Floyd was a man who loved his mama, this was made clear during Philonise Floyd’s testimony on Monday at the Derek Chauvin murder trial. Philonise provided the “spark of life” testimony at the trial, which allowed jurors to see George as someone who left behind a family who cared about him and knew him beyond his tragic demise under the knee of a former police officer.

Philonise spoke lovingly about the time he shared with his big brother. He lit up as he shared memories of the time he was finally able to beat George in a video game while growing up in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas.

George “couldn’t boil water,” recalled Philonise, but he made the “best banana mayonnaise sandwiches” and syrup sandwiches. He testified that he last saw his brother George, or as he called him, Perry, his middle name, in 2018 at their mother’s funeral.

Philonise testified that George was devastated over the loss of their mother Larcenia Floyd. George taught his siblings how to treat their mother with respect, said Philonise. He smiled and then choked up looking at a photo of her holding George as a baby. “I miss both of them,” he said, wiping away tears.

He shared that he was married on May 24, his brother died on May 25, and his mom died on May 30. “It’s like a bittersweet month because I’m supposed to be happy when that month comes,” he said.

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