• Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

By Dr. Anisa Shomo, Herald Beauty Contributor

Two of my favorite hobbies are adventuring and running. I love to travel to different places and discover new sites. I start with a “welcome run” to explore my new surroundings and plan adventures. I enjoy a recovery bath to reflect and organize my plans. A recovery moment at home led to a dream of traveling to Hawaii. I searched for remote locations that my husband and I could visit. We ended up in Pahoa, Hawai’i (aka the Big Island). We had a lot of activities planned: morning runs along the black sand beach roads; volcano tour; ziplining; visiting farmers’ markets. One day, we had no plans. I was in the mood for a spontaneous adventure. I found the perfect activity. We drove to Papakōlea Beach in the Ka’ū district. I read that there was a green sand beach there and that if you hike three miles roundtrip you could see one of the most beautiful sites in the world. The last part was true, but it was actually three miles each way, which we discovered after hiking to the location. Despite the fatigue that we experienced upon reaching the destination, we were amazed by this beautiful site. Next, we had to descend a volcano wall. Then we sat on the green sand beach and held the grains of green sand. It was truly magical. I wish that we had more time to sit there. One year later, when we purchased our first home, I placed a photo of this beach on the wall next to my spa bathtub. After a week of runs and workouts, I sprinkle Epsom salt into my spa bathtub; turn on the jets; look at my photo of the green sand beach; and dream up new adventures. Accordingly, my preferred brand of Epsom salt is from Calgon. I have enjoyed the salt grains featuring the Mint Green Tea scent for years ($18 for 3lbs on Amazon). They have a new scent available: Hawaiian Ginger. I will take that as a sign that we need to return to Hawaii soon. Next time we will drive the three miles in the sand dunes to reach to the green sand beach instead of hiking. That will allow more time to enjoy the beauty and peace that we found there. I can feel the green grains already. Take me away!