• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022


Raffel Prophett. Photo provided

Raffel Prophett, who is a candidate for Cincinnati mayor in the May 4 primary election, is a retired Cincinnati Fire Department district chief and a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Prophett said, “What other candidate will honestly support Black Lives Matter movement, affordable housing, LGBTQ, the clean up of City Hall, good government practices, job creation, 52 community initiative, responsive/equitable community healthcare, transform public safety initiatives, the arts, ending childhood poverty in Cincinnati, homelessness and more.

“My adult life has been dedicated to public service. I was born, raised, and educated here in Cincinnati,” Prophett said. My wife and I built our home here, so I have personal and vested interest in our city’s equity, well-being, success, sustainability and resilience. That is why I am ready to serve again. I have spent my entire adult life in public service. I have served at the highest levels of our city, state and country with integrity. I choose to run not for political ambition, or selfish intent, but to serve again the city that I love.

“What is most important to my wife Sonya and I is that we provide the best opportunity for our daughters to become happy, vibrant, and productive human beings. If my daughters decide to remain in Cincinnati, I want it to be the kind of city that they deserve. At this moment, my daughters, and many other young people throughout Cincinnati are now motivated by the opportunity for real social justice. As their parents and elders we must honor them but listening, and then institute real change.

“COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others have exposed health and social-economic inequities. Fifty plus years ago, Avondale was the epicenter of unrest in Cincinnati. Many of the inequities that caused the unrest persist. Nevertheless, I am hopeful. Black Lives Matter and the movement that emerged have provided us with a historical opportunity for meaningful change.”

“As a mayoral candidate, I pledge to be guided by the core values that were instilled in me from my military service, which are to ‘do what is right, what is just and what is fair.'”