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By Tyra Oldham

Everyone needs a care plan. A care plan is not just for the elderly. Children have parents and/or guardian(s) to deliver a care plan. When we are young, vital, and working a care plan is not top of mind. The moment you become an adult a care plan is needed. Think, what if you were to break a leg, or need surgery who will advocate on your behalf if you’re unable? How can you pick up medications? How will you get to medical appointments? Everyone needs a care plan. Then plan for care today and the elderly years. If you are fortunate to become old who will support your plan? A care plan is important at any age. Plan for change. There are so many things not in your control, but your care plan is yours to manage.

First, develop a healthy proxy, living will and a will. Okay, do not run away. No matter your wealth you still have your health to protect. No matter your marital status a care plan is needed. Married couples need to know each other’s requirements and singles need to select a support person they too can rely. No one need be without care!

Start by: 1) Selecting a health proxy, someone who can speak on your behalf in health situations; 2) Select an advocate who can speak on your behalf in financial, health and social situations; and 3) Develop a living will so your wishes are heard and assist your health proxy and advocate. A living will guide a medical professional on care directives such as, resuscitation or not, blood protocols, life saving measures and more. 4) Select a Power of Attorney to make business decisions. These documents are filed with doctors, hospital(s), and support team. Remember your advocate, healthy proxy and POA can be the same person but they can be separate. These documents are filed with doctors, hospital, and support team. Remember your advocate and healthy proxy can be the same person or not. Last, develop a will to protect small-to-large assets. Never think, “I’m too poor for a will. You’re never too poor to have documents that represent you.” All these documents can be changed over time.  

If you assist someone elderly their care plan speaks for them. Think about the care plan for your aging parents? Will you care for them at your home, their home, or nursing facility? If your able to plan with your parents this will reduce the stress in the future. 

Last, care is not cheap so think financially. Look at Long-Term Care insurance (LTC) to reduce the costs of care in your aging years. 

Remember care is a plan and action so think ahead. Remember plan now and work your plan later.

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