File photo of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Photo by WCPO

By: Jake Ryle

MASON, Ohio — “A big problem:” That’s what Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine called tens of thousands of vacant jobs across the state as many opt for federal funds during the pandemic.

It’s an issue Kings Island management has tried to get ahead of before they hire more than 4,000 seasonal employees as the park prepares to open on May 15 – that’s why pay per hour was raised by 1$ for most positions – more for certain jobs.

“Every day we hire one more, that’s one less we have to hire in the season,” Kings Island director of communications Chad Showalter said. “We’re excited to get to that number. Things are going well for us.”

Most starting positions at Kings Island previously paid an hourly wage of about $9-10, according to Showalter. They’ve been bumped to $11-12 for 2021.

Security workers and lifeguards, whose starting wage would have topped out at $12 in prior years, can get hired at a rate of up to $14 per hour.

“We’re fortunate to have that base of returning associates,” Showalter said. “For our new hires, that’s something we look at every year. With raising our wages $1-2 an hour. Again, Kings Island remains the employer of choice for the summer season.”

Anyone interested in applying to work at Kings Island this summer can do so right here.

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