• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Easy 3 step nighttime skin care routine

Leah Scurlock

Professional makeup artist and esthetician 

At night removing makeup is key. My first step in makeup removal is Clinique take the day off. This oil based balm breaks down waterproof and long wear products with ease. I rub it all over my face and neck in an upward motion and into my eyes in a downward motion.

To remove the balm I wipe away gently with Shiseido refreshing cleansing sheets. The towelettes make it easy to get all the balm mixed makeup off my my skin without leaving for a residue.

Photo provided

Next we have to cleanse the skin. My focus at night is moisture so I use a gentle cleanser by Chanel. The hydra beauty cleanser leaves my skin squeaky clean without any dryness. It will remove impurities from pores while moisturizing the skin. Wash away the gentle foam with warm water or a clean towel. 

After cleansing I simply moisturize with lamer soft lotion which is perfect for my oily skin. Lightweight moisture that quickly soaks into my skin during sleep and skin rejuvenation. Add a eye cream for extra boost if moisture for the delicate eye area.

I finish my evening regime with Bobby brown lip balm. It had a smooth texture that’s not too glossy so you know your getting moisture without too much shine for bedtime.