• Tue. May 30th, 2023

Leah Scurlock

Professional makeup artist and esthetician

It’s getting hot out! And if you’re wearing makeup, you’ll need a setting powder. Here are my top picks for the best setting powders you should try this summer.

1. Fenty Beauty- Pro Filter Retouch Powder  

Riri has really done well when it comes to this product. It’s colorless and leaves no trace of white white on the skin. It melts into foundation seamlessly and helps to Mattify and blur imperfections. It comes in 8 shades and makes your makeup last.

2. MAC – Mineralize Skin Finish

The only pressed powder on my list, this sheer, blurring, setting powder can be worn alone or on top of makeup. It is extremely versatile with a wide range of colors. A lighter shade is great on top of concealer to set and add brightness. A shade that matches your tone is perfect for all over to add an airbrush finish. A darker shade can be used for bronzer and contour.

3. Wet’N Wild – HD Setting Powder

This is a great inexpensive powder to keep in your makeup drawer. It’s super finely ground which makes it great for baking. It comes in two shades, Banana and Deep. The color options make it easy for all skin tones. The large powder pot comes with a soft puff to apply the powder with. It’s one of my favorite powders to keep in my kit. 

4. Juvia’s Place – I  Am Magic Loose Powder

The name alone convinced me to purchase this product, and I was not disappointed. Created specifically for baking and setting highlighted areas of the face. This powder really smooths and sets without a dry look to the under eye. Juvia’s place is affordable and black owned which is an added plus to supporting this company. 

5. Mented – Skin Silk Loose Powder 

Designed to smooth the skin. I love this option for anyone with dark spots because it’s packed with vitamin C to brighten your complexion. It’s also great for oily skin types because it offers shine control. It’s non-cakey and lasts all day.