Photos provided by Morgan Angelique Owens

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Does your skin need some therapy? With the change of seasons and dropping temperatures, your skin can also take a toll. Not only that, but this is the perfect time to get your skin in shape for the Spring/Summer. Especially If you are trying to soften up stretch marks, scars or help soften dry skin. I have the perfect product for you. Palmer’s Skin Therapy has been my new best friend in helping with all the above. Over time our bodies change in texture, so we need something that adds extra moisture and anti-aging ingredients to help combat that. 

Photo provided by Morgan Angelique Owens

Palmer’s Skin Therapy is perfect to use daily, it’s really helped me soften up scars and stretch marks that I thought would never fade away. Pro Tip: use the oil after your night time shower routine directly on stubborn spots. Palmer’s skin therapy oil is packed with cocoa butter, vitamin E and other nourishing oils to help achieve more hydrated, firmer and healthier skin. You can pick up Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil at Walmart, Target and Walgreens. 

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