• Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Herald Staff

Cincinnati voters will select new council members on November 2 from field of 35 candidates who met the August 19 deadline for filing, the most ever since the council-manager form of government was adopted in 1925.

Current incumbents Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Liz Keating, Greg Landsman, Betsy Sundermann, and Steve Goodin are on the ballot. Landsman is the only incumbent who was previously elected. Three of the original elected council members either resigned or were suspended from the council during 2020. They were replaced by appointed council members to fill out their terms – Republicans Steve Goodin and Liz Keating, along with Democrat Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney. Earlier, Republican Betsy Sundermann was appointed to council to replace Amy Murray, who resigned that year. Council members Wendell Young and Chris Seelbach, both Democrats, and Christopher Smitherman, an Independent, can’t run for re-election because of the Ohio term limit law. The same goes for Democrat David Mann, who is running for mayor against fellow Democrat and Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval.

Because of a charter amendment passed by voters, Cincinnati will return to the two-year terms it had from 1925 until 2013, rather than the four-year terms the amendment provided.

As always, it is a non-partisan election.

The Cincinnati City Council candidates are:

Jalen Alford, Democrat, Paddock Hills

Thomas Brinkman, Republican, Mt. Lookout

Jaime Castle, Democrat, Mt. Washington

LaKeisha Cook, Democrat, Westwood

Jeff Cramerding, Democrat, West Price Hill

Michelle Dillingham, Democrat, Over-the-Rhine

Kevin Flynn, Democrat. Mt. Airy

Jackie Frondorf, Democrat, Westwood

Bill Frost, Democrat, Pleasant Ridge

Brian Garry, Democrat, Pleasant Ridge

Steven P. Goodin, Republican, Clifton

Galen G. Gordon, Democrat, The West End

Kurt Grossman. Democrat, Central Business District

Reggie Harris, Democrat, Northside

Rob Harris II, Democrat, The West End

K. A. Heard Jr., Non-affiliated, Westwood

Evan C. Holt, Democrat, North Avondale

Nicholas Maleek Jabin, Non-affiliated, Mt. Washington

Mark Jeffreys, Democrat, Clifton

Scotty Johnson, Democrat, Mt. Airy

Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Democrat, North Avondale

Liz Keating, Republican, Hyde Park

Andrew E. Kennedy, Non-affiliated, Pleasant Ridge

Greg Landsman, Democrat, Mt. Washington

John R. Maher, Democrat, Northside

Peterson W. Mingo, Democrat, Evanston

Phillip O’Neal, Democrat, Avondale

Meeka Owens, Democrat, North Avondale

Victoria Parks, Democrat, College Hill

Te’Airea Powell, Democrat, East Westwood

Logan Simmering, Non-affiliated, North Avondale

Stacey Smith, Non-affiliated, West Price Hill

Betsy Sundermann, Republican, East Price Hill

James Tarbell, Democrat, Mt. Auburn

John J. Williams, Democrat, Central Business District