• Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

I visited HerMD to finally try out laser hair removal, I’ve been told previously that I could not receive it due to the laser not being darker skin friendly. So, when I found out that HerMD was not only minority woman owned but had laser hair services that was pigmented skin friendly, I had to try it.

I decided to start with my underarms because it’s a small area. Honestly, I wanted to do my upper lip but scared if my face freaked out or I couldn’t take the pain (which I’ll get into later). 

The procedure itself took under 30 minutes. It was quick and I had minimal discomfort. I was told in the spots where hair is thicker, it can be a little more uncomfortable. I’m a cry baby, but overall, it was not bad. 

I can already tell my hair is not growing back as much/quick as it once did and I’m excited to share the rest of my journey at HerMD with my laser hair journey! 

Laser Hair Facts/Tips You need to know:

-Don’t wax or hair remover before having the service done

-You shouldn’t wax or use hair remover while you’re having your laser treatments going. They need your hair follicles to have its roots to be most effective. 

-You want to have hair; you can shave a day or two before

-Everyone’s hair grows in different so be sure to get a consultation before having service done

-For best results 6 or more treatments are needed with 4-6 weeks apart

-You’ll have to get maintenance/touch ups once or twice a year to maintain it, hormones play a big part in hair growth.

Aftercare: No extra heat, no strenuous activity after the procedure